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About Solomonic Peacocks

Solomonic Peacocks Theatre (SPT) was founded in order to establish an alternative means to create sustainable, decent jobs opportunities for Malawians, and theatre arts was the answer. For over 25 years, SPT has been using theatre as a device for social change. SPT advocates for the social and cultural rights in our society through theatre dialogue and performances (plays) as well as through campaigns for policy change and other development programs aimed to support the creative communities in Malawi. SPT strongly believes in the opportunities which the creative industries can deliver to young people and theatre artists. It is therefore promoting economic growth and employment as well as our language and the preservation of our cultural heritage. SPT both enhances and safeguards our cultural heritage by effectively delivering civic education through the performing arts through Theatre Education, Economic Theatre and Community Theatre. Solomonic enhances effective theatre management with various partners, including the organization of cultural events and practitioners’ cultural exchanges. SPT has always been engaged in and implemented interventions for the promotion of local talent. Furthermore, SPT uses theatre activities in advocating for the legal rights of artists in a diverse society.

MISSION: To use theatre as a vehicle to develop and support theatre education, community development and commercial performances

VISION: To be the leading force in developing theatre and arts in promoting culture in Malawi

MANDATE: To uplift the living standard of artists through sustainable economic and social empowerment resulting from accessibility of information, skills and services through capacity building and advocacy initiatives and to assist national development whereby arts and culture are a source of employment.


The name Solomonic Peacocks Theatre originates from the fortitude of King Solomon in the Bible and from the flamboyant and liveliness of our native peacock. SPT is a full-service production company that operates without government subsidies. Despite this it provides theatrical performances across Malawi, Africa and overseas. The organization’s services include stage drama performances, television drama, adverts, comedies, public service announcements, road shows, theatre for development (TfD), community mobilization and public awareness                  campaigns, theatre trainings, theatre research, theatre consultation and commercial promotion of images, products and services. SPT has been using theatre as a device for social change. Solomonic still promotes its annual festival, the Easter Theatre Festival which realizes the need to be aligned to development as the core business for which it was founded. Over the years this has been instrumental in ensuring that in whatever we do it is Malawi that benefits. SPT expands community intervention through civic education by conducting road shows, street theatre and theatre for development performances with a focus on democracy, governance, gender, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health, environment and other human rights related issues. With few resources we have managed to reach out to 10 million people in Malawi over the years.